Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Little L is 20 months

Couple of days ago L found old videos on my phone from when L was 5-6 months, only after watching these videos I have realised that because I see L 24/7 I don't notice how much she has grown and changed! She is no independent in a way, cheeky, naughty, adventurous and I love her more and more each day!

For the past few weeks L started to test us and show her temper as well as show doing silly things like jamming hands in the door, trying to reach for crockery and cutlery. I have put L into a naughty corner aka by the door explaining why she is there and it seems to do a trick, but according to my mother-in-law these are not real tantrums yet...

Sleeping and eating didn't change much but I try to adjust to it and rather than to push myself to a breaking point. 

We have viewed another nursery, which had much better space inside, but rubbish garden area and the days when I wanted to take L to nursery were fully booked so it's a "no". I have learned one things about L though- she is very sociable and not shy at all. She was singing and dancing when nursery nurse put the music on, we might have a little performer!!

Another great month with my darling daughter, can't wait to do some Easter activities with L!


  1. Hope you find a suitable nursery soon :) she sounds a lively character and a lovely child x

  2. I have just noticed this with my daughter to she turn 2 last week and wow what a change in days scary can't wait for easter 1st easter walking and joining in on the fun.
    Am going next week to sign her up for nursery as I now think she's so ready. Hope you find a perfect nursery soon

  3. Aww they grow up way too fast don't they, it's scary!