Monday, 14 March 2016

Review: Baby Einstein Discover and Play Piano

L is a very musical child and I do hope it's all due to our efforts and musical toys we have been buying for her.
When L was 5,5 months she has received Baby Einstein Discover and Play Piano (£20) for her 1st Christmas.

The toy's base is made of plastic but piano keys are soft and easy to press for little fingers or toes. 

Baby Einstein piano main features:
- 3 modes: instruments, numbers, animals
- suitable for multi-lingual children 
- 3 language modes: English, French and Spanish
- suitable from 3 months old
- plays over 20 classical tunes 
- volume button to make it louder or to turn it down
- durable but not heavy

Once you have picked the language you can choose a mode and play with keys or use instruments above the keys, depending on a mode they make noises and light up.
In Instruments mode you can can pick a piano mode, violin or horn mode by pressing one of the buttons above. Once pressed 5 keys will play this particular instrument tunes.
In Numbers mode, each key you or your little one press will say the number from 1 to 5.
In Animal mode you can pick one particular animal by pressing red (for cat), green (dog) or yellow (for duck) buttons above musical keys, once the animal is picked the piano keys will either quack, meow or woof.

I expected that tunes will be annoying and loud but it seems to be quite pleasing to our ear and even if we had too much we can turn it down so that L still can play with it.

It seems to be a hit from day one and 12 months later L still enjoys Baby Einstein Discover and Play Piano, one of the best presents ever!


  1. This sounds quite similar to a piano that we have for Aria, I can't remember the make off the top of my head but it is very similar, ours just has a microphone on the top too. Aria loves hers!

  2. My little boy would love something like this as he loves anything musical. It is always great when toys are enjoyed for a long time x #triedtested

  3. I can see this being very popular with the musical notes #TriedTested

  4. This sounds lovely. I like that the tunes aren't annoying....

  5. We have one like this for H and she does play it, and she has played with throne you have too as a little friend has it. She loved herfriend's more than hers ... :-) I like that it has different modes so it's adaptable to them learning too. #triedtested