Monday, 28 December 2015

What to do with unwanted Christmas gifts?!

As some of you may know I'm a very practical person, I prefer to do gift wish lists for my daughter's Christmas or birthday even though I avoided it this year I think it's a geniunly good idea to let the gifter know if there is anything you want in particular than to be disappointed with the present. 
Of course we are all grateful for the company, food and gifts we have received for Christmas or birthday but I won't lie I was quite disappointed with what L has received as every single gift she was given was a duplicate of what she already has or I bought her for Christmas. 
As L opened/ripped her presents I cant take them back to the shop but we thought of an alternative- to keep them at in laws as she would need to play with something there. 
When in comes to presents for adults it can be a slightly different story, here is what I do and what you can do as well if you are unhappy with your presents:

1. Return them back to the shop/exchange. Sometimes gifts come with a tag or receipt which can be really helpful. You can always take an item back or exchange it either for a different item or ask for a store credit.

2. Sell on Ebay. I haven't actually done it, but I can see why some can consider this as an option. You can sell unwanted gift and spend the money on something you actually need or use them to buy something for a gifter's birthday or Christmas.

3. Gift it to a charity. It could be a great way to help a charity you support.

4. Re-gift. When I buy gifts I always think about the giftee, what they like and would prefer but of course there is a chance that a giftee doesn't like my present.  
I have done re-gifting for many years now, top tip is to remember or to write down who gave you the gift originally. My mum once gave her work colleague a Christmas gift and by the end of the working day a different person gave her- her own gift, awkward!

5. You can offer your unwanted gifts on freecycle websites or your local freecycle facebook pages, but be careful some people are appear to be scammers and can either waste your time or sell your unwanted gift.

6. Keep the gift for you little one, one day when they are older they may appreciate it more. 

Have you ever considered any of these options?


  1. I'm a great one for freecycle or giving to charity

  2. A useful list. I couldn't bring myself to regift but I particularly like the idea of holding on to a gift until the children are more appreciative of it.

  3. It's handy to have a list of options, some we do already :) x

  4. Some great tips some I do already. For close friends and family usually get ideas for children so as not to duplicate toys