Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Arts & Crafts: handprint and footprint salt dough Christmas


I wanted to do this for a while now, as I thought it could be a lovely way of explaining to L basics of Christmas and could be a great Christmas present for our close family members. 

I tried to create Santa and Rudolph as seen on Pinterest but I have decided that I should let L decide what will be created on the ornament as family will appreciate it more than my weird artwork. As it is work in progress here are 2 ornaments we (I) made so far.

It is very easy to do if you follow the correct recipe:

- 1/2 cup of salt
- 1/2 cup of flour
- 1/4 cup of water
- mix and knead the dough, add a little bit of flour if sticky
- cut the dough onto small pieces/balls
- use rolling pin or a bottle to create a round shape
- put your little one's hand or foot firmly onto the ornament
- cut the excess 
- put in the oven for 2-3 hours under 100 degrees
- paint once dry

What I have learnt from the process: I need to relax and let L create the ornaments, I need to find better paints (I used acrylics).

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