Monday, 7 December 2015

Christmas Gift guide: Wingman grooming essentials for men

I always struggle to find what to buy for male half of our family, normally I would buy clothes or grooming kits, as these are the most practical gifts I can think of.

When I came across Wingman grooming essentials I thought about my nephew straight away. He is young, just started shaving and likes all new and trendy.

"Wingman is a British brand that combines lifestyle and performance to deliver awesome grooming products for men.

Founded in 2009 by Stu Jolley, the lightbulb moment came while camped on the beach on a surf trip to the south of France. Rifling through his wash bag, he realised how disillusioned he was with the total lack of male grooming products that aligned with his lifestyle. Wingman was born out of this frustration and he set out to create an authentic brand that genuinely serves the needs of the modern man.

Stu teamed up with Simon Maudsley, a like-minded individual who also believed there was an ever-increasing opportunity for a lifestyle brand offering high quality grooming products for men. From those first days the end goal with Wingman has deliberately been kept simple: to make life that little bit better".

We have received a selection of 3-in-1 multi gels: mint boom, jet fuel and citrus charge (shower, shampoo, shave) worth £2.99 for 250ml bottle; energising and sensitive moisturiser (100ml, £ 5.99); face wash (£3.99 for 150ml) and face scrub (£4.49 for 150ml).       
"Wingman Multi-Gel is a functional 3-in-1 product that enables you to SHOWER, SHAMPOO and SHAVE all from one bottle. Invigorating shower gel and shampoo enriched with aloe vera for a super close shave. Save time, effort and space.

Nobody wants a boring life. Life should be an incredible adventure every step of the way. Citrus Charge™ is for those who always live the dream. In Wingman we trust.

Have you ever been attracted to a man/woman by his/her smell? Well, jet fuel and citrus charge smell exactly like an "attractive man". The gel is thick, which is great for shaving as you will need just a tiny drop. And most importantly it is practical as instead of carrying lots of different bottles when away you will have just 1 for all your needs.   

Energising moisturiser gives a cooling effect on the skin as well as gives a "life boost" to your skin. Sensitive moisturiser smells of aloe vera and will soothe dry, sensitive skin. 
The gel is white in colour and "dries" out on the skin quite quickly but doesn't make it dry, perfect after cleansing or shave.

Cleansing face wash "foaming gel cleanses, nourishes and conditions without drying out. With stimulating ginseng, it counteracts dryness and restores balance for clear and energised skin".
Sensitive face wash "foaming gel cleanses dirt and debris from sensitive, dry or easily irritated skin. With soothing aloe vera to help reinforce natural defences, skin will be nourished and refreshed".
Both of them come is a form of a clear/lightly coloured gel and foam once in contact with the water not only cleans the skin but also moisturises. 

Face scrub "purifying cream scrub exfoliates dead skin cells, unclogs pores and removes impurities like oil and dirt. Ginseng helps stimulate and activate the skin, leaving it looking fresh and feeling smooth". 
I'm a big fan of scrubs and this would be an ideal scrub for me as I could feel rough seeds, which "scrubs the skin without damaging it"

Overall, a great variety of practical products for men!

Disclaimer: I was sent the items mentioned above for the purpose of this review/gift guide. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. I can thoroughly recommend the 3-in-1 washes for those times when you need to travel light or for day to day use. #triedandtested

  2. These look great! If I had a boy friend, haha...I'd consider this as a gift! <3