Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Arts & Crafts: Felt Christmas tree

I have seen this idea on Facebook and thought that it's a great alternative to a real or artificial Christmas tree. L is an active and adventurous toddler and I can envisage her pulling all the baubles from the Christmas tree and eventually knocking the tree down, to avoid this I have spend few minutes making a felt Christmas tree.

The principal is very simple, it is a space-saver Christmas tree which can be attached to almost any surface be it a wall, door or a window. I liked it as I saw an educational element in creating such tree as your toddler learns what Christmas tree is, why it is there on the wall and learns about colours (if you add different felt baubles). 

Unfortunately we are unwell and I didn't have a chance to cut a star for the top and baubles, but if you have a spare moment and supplies it is achievable in an hour or so.

To create felt Christmas tree I have ordered 1/2 meters of dark green felt from Ebay which costs £1.42 as far as I remember, which is much cheaper comparing to a competitive craft shop. You will also need a dry soap (dry soap is a great alternative to chalk or marker pen), scissors and a ruler
I used the floor as my "working table" as it was easier for me to see how straight the line and triangle is. I had to improvise as I didn't have a ruler handy and used a playhouse shatters window to draw the lines with a dry soap.  I started with the line at the bottom, picked a middle point at the top and drew 2 long lines from the bottom line corners to the middle point. 
Once the triangle was done I had to cut it with scissors, I would advise to use sharp scissors otherwise it would be difficult to cut it straight. 
Once the Christmas tree shape was cut I attached few velcro pads to the back side, you can use white tack or sellotape depending on the surface, but be warned your toddler may want to chew on white tack.

I'm glad actually that I didn't do accessories as L keeps pulling the Christmas tree, it spends more time on the floor than on a wall, but I'm still hoping that once L is used to seeing it she will let it go and enjoy it for what it is.


  1. It looks wonderful and it a great idea, I think I'd love to try this next year for our flat. Hope you and yours feel better x Merry Christmas :)

  2. a very sweet idea- I made a tree decoration only this year