Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Little L is 17 months

Little L has changed a lot in the past month, she is more adventurous and does things or tried to reach for things which she is not allowed to touch.
But apart from being super naughty she is also incredibly cute and it's not biased! 
Her hair has grown so much as well and I have tried elastic bands and different bows but L just will take them off no matter what!

Weight wise she has gained 400g in few months which to me seems not much but health visitor tried to reassure me that it's normal weight gain and that she can only fit the food same size as her fist. 

Teeth- L had all 4 canines coming through on one week, 3 are out and 4 is still on the way.

Clothing- L fits in 12-18 months clothing, some of them are a little bit long but it just means that it will last her longer.

Character- she is more active than I have ever been, and according to my mother-in-law she has taken it form her father. She likes to sing randomly and to dance, would recognise English nursery rhymes despite of me speaking Russian with her and will point at her neck or head when listening to "Head and shoulder, knees and toes". L keeps dragging me to places/rooms by holding my hand or finger when wants to show something or wants me to point at things but has also started to tell me that she is L, point at In the night garden characters and other things she will recognise. She generally speaks/babbles in her own language but will say few words in Russian or English. 

Toys: L has all sorts of toys- Mega blocks, rubber bricks, soft toys, ball pit and will play with them if we are in the room or by herself which isn't very often, but I'm sure one day she will be more independent. 

What's your little one up to this month?

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  1. my twin babies are 1 month 1 week old and they can see me and turn the head around when they see some one is moving or talking. I cant wait for them to start smiling! exciting!