Friday, 2 October 2015

What Little L wore- Scandinavian brand Tutta

I knew that Finish make great winter clothes but I couldn't imagine that they can also make cute and funky clothes for babies. 

When L was small and would only sleep in my arms I got addicted to Zulily- discount online shop. When I came across Finish brand Tutta I was ready to buy every single item they had, but eventually picked harem pants and a zip sleepsuit. 

I was planning to use harem trousers for sleeping but eventually opted to use them as a home wear.

I have picked size 80cm, which is longer than I expected, but it means we will use it for quite some time. 
Harem pants made of a quality cotton and even after few washings look like new! 

Do you like or heard of Scandinavian fashion?


  1. I hadn't heard of Scandinavian before but they look lovely and cute. Good to hear after a few washes colours don't fade too :-)

  2. These are beautiful, I love Scandi print but only usually see it in clothing at Christmas time! These can be worn any time of the year which is fab :)

    Thanks for linking with #WhatMyBabyWore