Thursday, 29 October 2015

Dreaming of a Christmas 2015 at Coombe Mill

I love Christmas and New Year, wrapping presents, decorating the house, writing cards! But the festive season is not only about material stuff, it's about spending time with family, enjoying those relaxing days and spreading the cheer. 
As long as I remember myself we always had cousins, aunts and aunties around at that special time. The table was always full of different themed treats and delicacies, adults drinking, saying toasts and fireworks!  
Now that we have L and she learns more about the world I would love to do something special for this Christmas. Last year we have spent staying at home and looking after each other as all of us had a bug, I was so upset that everything I have planned for L to do wasn't meant to happen. Now I look at it positively as this year she will be capable of opening her presents, eating the food we eat.

Couple of months ago we have spent a week in Cornwall (our first seaside UK holiday), where L had her first feel of the sand and saw ever changing mood of the sea. We brought great memories home wanting to go back there again. 
I would love to spend Christmas 2015 at Coombe Mill, to create our own festive atmosphere in a cosy lodge with close family members.

I have created a Pinterest board to show how I see my ideal Christmas at Coombe Mill with my family.

Follow Victoria's board Dreaming of a Christmas 2015 at Coombe Mill on Pinterest.

This is my entry for the chance to win Christmas break at Coombe Mill competition.


  1. I hope this year is bug free for you all and I love your board of Coombe Mill, I too would like to see that snowy scene, we haven't seen any for years, it would make all our Christmases here, though you may end up suck here in the valley for longer than you bargained on if it really did fall! Best of luck and thank you for entering.