Friday, 9 October 2015

Naughty or adventurous?!

My husband and I always debate about L investigating our house. She is 15 months old now and is interested in everything she can see! She will be pointing at the clouds or trees if we are outside or opens the cupboards and takes everything out, so it can be messy (most of the time is).

I allow her to do what ever she feels like, to a degree of course, where as my husband thinks that I'm not strict enough and need to tell L off or to put her somewhere else away from things. 
This week L reached new stage -twists and opens lids, today I caught her opening hand sanitiser and baby's body lotions and on top of that she likes to play with oven knobs and washing machine buttons. 
We have a safety kit with cupboards, corners, doors, electric plugs, but L discovered how to open cupboards even with locks on, clever right?! 

So what do you think is L being adventurous or naughty? And how do you keep your house tidy and cupboards locked (if you do of course)?

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  1. Aah bless she is definately being both. My son was a little monkey and into everything. We put locks on all the kitchen cupboards which kept him out. Sometimes my daughter would forget and leave makeup or nail varnishes on the floor so he enjoyed playing with them