Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Little L is 1 month

It's been a very eventful month for us all- we had our little L, had to adjust to a new life with a newborn which has it's highs and lows but we made it!
I have a lot to catch up on my blog but I feel that every moment with L is precious and I need to take most of it.
First few nights when we came home from hospital were the toughest as she was crying all the time and we didn't know what it means and how to calm her down, to be honest with you my husband panicked a lot, every day or night he would call midwives to ask them what could be wrong with our monkey.
Now 4 weeks later she is grown and got used to us as well as we got used to having her. She is a little madam at times and there are mostly nights when I feel very annoyed yet sorry for her. Last night was a struggle for both of us, we didn't have enough sleep, but as she is 4 weeks now we are allowed to give her  gripe water, I do hope it will help!
I think we are on the right path with breastfeeding and now I tend to express milk for our evening walks so that if we are somewhere where it is impossible (by that I mean no benches) to feed her she will take a bottle. Even though we introduced her to a dummy I hate it as I feel that she will be confused between nipple and dummy or what if she will feel the urge to bring up milk and her dummy is on a way or why would she need a dummy she is a newborn she needs to cry, but my husband is convinced that it's for hers sake and our sanity.

I am totally prone to her crying, it doesn't bother me (only when she screams I feel horrible and sorry for her) as well as having sleepless nights. Of course I am tired and at times don't have time even to go to the toilet never mind to do my hair and make up, but that's my new life.

Little L is very alert, she lifts her head and at times nods her had uncontrollably, tries to stand or sit when I wash her, pulls funny faces and looks at different objects or people. She managed to stay for 5 minutes in a swing which is great, but still not so keen on a bouncer. She has just one favourite rattle and hates the rest! And I think someone is trying to smile for mummy and daddy!

Clothing wise she still fits in first size/newborn outfits and looks so tiny in 0-3 months.

Health Visitor brought good news today, little L's heel prick test results arrived and all is well, as well as she passed her hearing test earlier. Can't be more proud and happier!

Happy 1 month, monkey!

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