Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Little L is 5 weeks old

Our little monkey has grown a lot. She started to smile last Friday (1 August), for the first time was lifting herself properly while on a tummy which totally surprised me, I was also surprised to see that she sucks her thumb.

She is just so kissable and squishable, but as you may guess there are days when she is unhappy.

Little L has weird red spots on the face which I think might be due to the weather or allergy, but need to confirm it with a Health Visitor as well as I am slightly concern about her green stool.

She is a lovely, cute little girl but I wish I had more time to do things..I am not complaining as I'm sure somewhere there is a mum who is struggling more than me.

L has no routine yet, we are doing exactly the same thing every evening by taking her for a walk, feeding, cuddling, washing every other day, feeding but she is so unpredictable.

Still can't believe that we created her! 

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