Sunday, 24 August 2014

Little L is 7 weeks

We are finally sleeping in her Clair de Lune moses basket again ( I reviewed it here). At the beginning of the week I decided to give it a go, first night L wasn't sleeping very well, but then I started putting hot water bottle in a moses basket before she was ready to sleep and it worked.
Every morning we try to have some tummy time, I can't say that little one lifts herself just yet but I'm sure we are getting there.
Sometimes it is a bit difficult to guess what her crying means, but we sort of have a routine during the day: she wakes up, tummy time in the morning, feeds, plays on her mat, sleeps and the same thing over and over again.
She is off drinking from a bottle at the moment, I have tried MAM and Vital baby both of them have a fast flow even though not suppose to as they are for newborns, Avent is opposite, but she is not into it either so every time we go for a walk I take a bottle with us and a breastfeeding cover.
If you remember I have mentioned before that L has green stool (poo explosions), this week I had a telephone consultation with a doctor as I wasn't sure if her green stool is a result of colic, we will have results in a week just in time for her 8 weeks check and immunisation.

We have sadly lost one of L's favourite toys- blue doggy somewhere in the house, thought I would never say that but we just have way too much stuff for a small house we live in.


  1. Awww hope you find her blue doggy x

  2. If you're breastfeeding green stools generally mean she isn't feeding fully from the breast.If she's not feeding long enough on breast before coming off, her stools will be green.Kellymom is a great breastfeeding resource I used when I was a peer supporter.If you're not breastfeeding then totally ignore me.