Friday, 15 August 2014

Little L is 6 weeks old

I know many health professionals, articles and maybe even parents would say that it is impossible to have routine with a newborn, but still we try to do exactly the same thing every evening- we welcome daddy home, feeding, changing, walking, feeding, sleepy time in  a swing in a hope that L will understand when is day and night.
This week I really started to doubt myself "What if I'm doing things wrong?!", "What if her 24/7 attachment to me will cause us serious problems in the future?!". And then I started thinking of a what I'm doing wrong- feeding her as a way of comforting her, picking her up every time she cries, taking her everywhere with me or otherwise she will cry?!
Monday I started of doing things "right", but when she wakes up our day could be completely different from a previous one, she can be happy doing one things today and be fussy doing exactly the same thing the other day, she can be happy herself or she can be miserable all day long and I just can't do my things knowing that she wants and needs me, I can't ignore her crying. So I'm actually taking every day at a time and just trying to do my best in entertaining her and making her day more relaxed and happy, but she is the boss at the moment.

On Wednesday we had a 6 weeks review with a Health Visitor she confirmed that I need to feed her every hour as she is on a small side (put 400 gram in 2 weeks) comparing to other newborns. She advised me to carry on with my daily routine and if I need things to be done just to leave L in a seat, carrycot by my side for a bit while I need to go to the toilet or prepare myself a breakfast, as at the moment I am carrying her everywhere, obviously when she is crying. 
L has a green stool according to different sources it means different things, but Health Visitor thinks it is colic so we are giving her gripe water again..

During the day she has small naps 10-30 minutes or can be awake all the time, which means lots of crying.
Night time is mainly very quiet (touch wood), I can spend couple of hours soothing her to sleep but mainly it is not such a long process, sometimes she wakes up every 3 hours to feed, sometimes she cries all night long.

As I spend 24/7 I don't notice changes in little L but she is changing a lot, her ears are sticking out a bit, it is so cute and suits her. She has a nappy rash from time to time and I treat with Sudocrem and having nappy free time, but if I miss one day it's back! Finally I was brave enough to cut her nails as before was biting it or they were coming off themselves, I think I did a good job!

This week I was looking back at L's birth, remembering every bit I would definitely do it for her again! She is the sweetest girl in the world!


  1. Sounds like you and L are doing wonderfully! Keep up the good work, mama! :o)

  2. Six weeks old, what a special time, enjoy every minute x