Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Little L is 1 week old

I didn't realise how life changing it is to have a baby and very appreciative that I have my husband around for these 2 weeks to help me out and to adjust to new life.

Little L is not your typical straightforward baby, at least that's what we think. She can be changed, fed, talked to and still cry non-stop for hours during the day or night. First few days at home I (we) literally had no sleep as she was constantly crying and nothing could soothe her, which means we have no time for anything else. If we have any visitors she is good as gold and by the time they leave she starts crying again. 
From birth she has dry skin and rash all over her body, dry skin is treated with olive oil, and we are yet to find out what our midwife thinks about the rash, as we think it might be eczema (condition my husband has). 
I would love to find out a magical phone app which can tell us why baby cries as sometimes it is so hard to understand if she is unhappy, bored, in pain, hungry etc etc.

So far, yesterday (I guess as a way of saying thank you) she allowed us to have some sleep during the night!And today we are back to lots of crying, even during the day.

Regardless of tiredness, soreness, lack of my own time she is the cutest baby in the world and I just love watching her and lots of facial expressions she makes.

1 week milestones:
- she lost weight according to day 1 weight in she was 3600g., day 4- 3260 g. and according to day 6 weigh in she put on some weight-3360g.
- umbilical cord fell of on day 4
- she has minimal head control when held upright
- very alert when awake
- spontaneous smile
- tries to focus on objects but not for long time
- has lots of wind
- lifts her arms if hears sudden noise
- her stool colour definitely changed from dark back/brown to yellow/mustardy colour
- she doesn't require burping and spit up very rarely
- she had her first bath at home and to our surprise didn't scream at all
- she is definitely a screamer and a crier and sometimes it's hard to soothe her
- pulls funny faces when awake and asleep


  1. Congratulations! I hope she settles soon for you, it is hard when you are not sure why baby is crying. I know with mine it was usually wind! Lucky you have hubby to help #sharewithme

  2. Congrats! How great that you are documenting these early days, as things happen so quickly and you are generally in a sleep-deprived fog, that you can easily forget. Its so hard first time round to know why they are crying or what they want. it was just guesswork for me at first. Good luck.xx #mmwbh

  3. First couple of weeks are the toughest, hang in there. xx

  4. Aww I hope she settles soon for you, my little girl was the same but she suffered with colic, have you tried a vibrating rocker or perhaps a swinging chair, that's what worked for us. #MMWBH

  5. Congratulations!! Those first few weeks hit you like a sledgehammer eh? No matter how prepared you think you are, I don't think there's any way you can be 100% prepared for the change that is having a baby! So know you are not alone! Sounds like you are doing really well and you'll get to know her cries eventually, in the meantime it is a bit of a process of elimination but it does get easier I promise!! xx #mmwbh

  6. Hiya! It gets easier.

    Do you think she could have colic?

    Jenna @chicgeekdiary

  7. Congratulations! It will get easier I promise. We had to suffer colic the first few months so we used infacol and then gripe water when she was old enough. Hopefully she'll settle down soon :) xx

  8. Its a shock isn't it. So worth it though. We also had a crying baby. When he was 4 months we found out it was reflux and Cows Milk Protein Allergy. A stretchy Sling was my saviour

  9. Congrats first off and how exciting to have this new addition to the family to document and watch grow and change everyday. The early weeks are the hardest but it gets so much easier I promise. Lovely to capture the early moments though. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me and sharing those moments with all of us. #sharewithme

  10. OMG I can so relate to this with my son. When my mother is helping me he is an angel but if its just us he would cry on the top of his lungs and I would cry with him cuz I thought he doesnt like me. #mmwbh

  11. Baths are very soothing for babies - we find they actually calm Finely down if he's having a bit of a temper tantrum lol! I'm so pleased you're all settling in well. Can't wait to read much much more!
    Thanks for linking to #babybabble xx

  12. Oh congratulations- I missed your news completely! My son was also a cryer and it turned out that he had pretty bad reflux. They don't always have to be sick with this so it might be worth looking into if the crying is excessive? Also have you tried her in a sling or swaddle? There is a great book by Dr Harvey Karp that explains about the 4th trimester- google it as there is a site too. Hope things settle for you! x x x

  13. Congratulations! It will soon get easier, it wont be long until you are wondering where the time has gone x

  14. Congratulations! It is a wonderful journey becoming a mummy, but also a worrying time when your baby won't settle. I tried swaddling with my oldest and she loved the security of it, whereas my youngest didn't like it and wanted more freedom. I also tried out Liz Earle's gorgeous bath range as it is very natural before bed with my second daughter as she was not a good sleeper, followed by a massage, and I have to say this did really help. Hope things settle in for you and you get a bit more sleep! :) #MMWBH

  15. I find these types of posts dead useful as I'm pergnant with my first and have no clue about anything!


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  16. Congratulations, Just reading through your notes saying that she doesn't require burping, has lots of wind the other end and that she is crying a lot, this makes me think it might be trapped wind, sometimes when burping after a feed it can take up to 20 mins to get the wind up, maybe that could be a cause of the crying. Not sure whether you are feeding her or formula but if breastfeeding the foods you eat can affect your little ones tummy eg tomatoes, garlic, strawberries, orange juice always gave my 2 wind. If formula maybe it isn't suiting her and you might need to swap for another, I'd ask your midwife first though. Hope this helps and she settles very soon x #sharewithme

  17. Aww one week olds...gosh I miss those squishy wee faces and little clenched up fists of CUTENESS!!!Thanks so much for linking up with #MMWBH xx

  18. Congrats - I'm sure you'll manage to get a bit of shut eye sometime soon! We have our first coming along at the end of August so I'm now feeling even more anxious having read your post :)

  19. I would have guessed that the crying may have been caused by trapped wind too. I have just had a baby (my #9) and to start with she didn't seem to need burping and wind didn't come up easily when I tried, but then she started to fuss about and cry after feeding and wasn't comfortable - so I now sit her up on my lap after feeding with one hand putting pressure on her tummy leaning her very slightly forward and patting her on the back with the other hand until the wind eventually comes up. She is getting better at bringing the air up and she is way more settled & comfortable once it's out.