Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Clair de Lune Moses basket review

Throughout my pregnancy I kept changing my mind if I want little L to sleep in a cot, moses basket or crib. But the more I was thinking about it the more I realised that cot would be too big for our baby and too big for our room, thus meaning I had to decide if it's going to be crib or moses basket.

Moses baskets have a certain appeal to me- rocking stand for soothing baby and hood which can hide baby from light, where as a crib is just a smaller version of a cot with one additional function-rocking.

When Clair de Lune offered to review one of their moses baskets I was the happiest person in the world!

Clair de Lune, designers and manufacturers of nursery bedding and accessories celebrate 70 Years of British Manufacturing.
Clair de lune continue to design and manufacture quality nursery bedding and nursery accessories after 70 years of business. 
With a team of talented, dedicated British designers, Clair de lune produce beautiful bedding collections, sheets and blankets and a range of pushchair and car seat accessories designed for the modern parents of today.

The most difficult job was to actually pick one,as some of you may know I'm very practical person and try to consider only affordable and practical products. In this case it slightly went wrong...price wise. I have picked Bedtime Story Natural Wicker Moses Basket with Quilted Liner (£79.99)- neutral colours, can be used for a boy or a girl (in case if we decide to go for a second baby), cute characters- bear and bunny and is available in palm, natural wicker, dark wicker and white wicker.

It is certainly a pricey moses basket, but with Clair de Lune you can always find something you like and for your “wallet.”

Moses basket came complete with hood, padded liner, mattress and stand. The set looks absolutely amazing and cute, fabrics are 100% cotton and stand rocks just as I thought it would. 

The only problem I found with the basket itself were screws connecting the hood and basket base, I couldn't unscrew them, which means that I can't wash the basket liner (it's white).

What Little L thinks about it?! She doesn't mind it during the day but hates it during the night. It has nothing to do with the basket itself, it just looks as if it's too big for our little monkey. We have tried putting comforter and my t-shirt at the top of the basket but it never worked and she wants to be with us more than inside the moses basket. But we are convinced that maybe in few weeks time she will stay there during the day and night, hopefully.

What mum thinks about it?! I like it a lot, it has everything I wanted, white liner issue is a little annoying, but I hope our monkey is not too messy. When little L can't sleep in a moses basket base we swap it with her carry cot, just put it on the basket stand which works great and helps to soothe her, I can rock her whilst standing, sitting down, lying in bed. The basket has handles which means we can carry the base to and from rooms. It is generally a great item and I'm a happy owner, but it is slightly over-priced in my opinion.

DISCLAIMER: I was sent the above item for the purposes of this review. All thoughts and opinion are my own. 

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  1. We stumped for a Lollipop Lane Moses basket (£79.99) for our little miss, in tiddlywink safari pattern. It's gorgeous and little miss slept so well in it. It has lasted and we hope will survive the loft four our next one.
    The cot linen we chose was from clair de lune and it is washing well so far!