Sunday, 27 July 2014

Little L is 3 weeks old

I can't believe that our little one is 3 weeks old! She changed so much since the day she was born and keep changing constantly.
Her skin is shedding and flaking on a forehead which means she looks cute but slightly weird.
We are finally discharged from midwife's care which means less pressure on me or little one, but we still struggling with putting weight.
She is slightly more settled at night (touch wood), and last night was waking up every 3 hours to feed, few nights before slept pretty much throughout the whole night.
We have problems with keeping L in her moses basket during the night, which was swapped with her carry cot from travel system and now she hates it as well and can only sleep on me or next to me in our bed. I am worried that it is not an ideal for any of us, but as long as she sleeps and alive (and I'm watching her like a hawk) nothing else matters.
We also found a new cleaning routing, when she soiled her nappy and if it is badly soiled I tend to wash her bits in the sink, some days she hates it and other days very calm. The same situation with bathing, in general she hates it, but when we try to entertain her with rattle she doesn't mind it.
Little L is still very alert but can't be bothered with toys, bouncer or swing just yet.
She is struggling sometimes with wind, burping and when it happens I feel so sorry for her.
Believe it or not sometimes when I look into her big eyes I see heart-shaped pupils, it's definitely love :-)


  1. aw bless, time really flies, doesn't it!? my son was the same and absolutely HATED his moses basket so i had to let him sleep on my chest!

  2. Awww that's gone so fast.
    Have you heard of a toddlepod? I had the bigger version which is the poddlepod but it is wonderful.
    Harry hated the moses basket too preferring to co-sleep, he liked a swinging crib to an extent.