Friday, 18 July 2014

Little L is 2 weeks old

I am a little bit late with a 2 week update as I struggle to find time for anything else rather than little one.
She is a cute little girl, and I just love staring at her and in her big eyes.
My mum was helping out this week and will do the same next week which is amazing as I need some time to catch up on sleep during the day.
I am extremely jealous of my in laws when they spend time with her and my first grocery shopping without her left me absolutely lost, my husband said that I was completely useless at shopping as I had little L on my mind all the time.
This weird jealous of mine brought new emotions and feelings toward my mother in law in particular, I hate when she is around, I hate when she comes without a call and invites her daughters around without telling us, going through my and little L's postnatal notes, I am jealous when she has little L in her arms, I watch her when she is with my baby and tend to find lots of negative things, as you can imagine all these affects my family life.

As for little L:

- she is 40g away from her birth weight
- spends more time looking around
- slightly more settled at night
- her neck muscles are getting stronger this week
- keeps smiling when sleeping
- hates nappy changing or bathing
- likes to spend time sleeping outside and our walks in the park
- had a taster of a dummy
- she can be wriggly at night even though looks like she is sleeping

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