Wednesday, 4 June 2014

What's in my hospital bag?!

As now I'm 37 weeks pregnant we have just few weeks left until we meet out little girl and my nerves started to kick in I thought it's definitely time to pack my hospital bag. 

Thanks to my mum who came to see us in April I have less washing and ironing to do, I actually didn't want to do anything back in April but now I'm very grateful that mum insisted in helping me.

I have browsed different website, forums, blogs with checklists, some of them were more helpful than others, but none of them had quantity of the items I was after. I decided to wait till my next appointment with the midwife (at that time I was around 30 weeks). Few weeks later ( it was a very long wait) she finally gave me the checklist of things I need to bring into hospital. 

Most of the clothing bits and pieces we already had and some of the essential ones for before and after labour we were kindly provided by Mamabloom, they sent me their essentials kit (£27.99): bed mats (pack of 5), maternity towels (pack of 10), disposable briefs (pack of 5), maternity towels (pack of 48), breast pads (pack of 80), ultra thin maternity towels (pack of 12), ultra slim breast pads (pack of 50).

I made few adjustments to the list in red plus a bag for my husband is our improvisation as I thought that he is involved in this as much as I am. 

  • 2 nighties 1 nightie for giving birth, 1 nightie for breastfeeding after birth, 1 vest for pool birth
  • 2 feeding bras/good support bra 2 black seamless bras
  • toiletries sample packs of shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, toothbrush, small soap bar, bath sponge
  • dressing gown & slippers long cardigan, disposable slippers and flip flops
  • maternity sanitary towels (2 packs) 20 pads
  • paper pants are useful of large pants 4 pairs of full briefs
  • money for TV/ phone machine
  • flannels wet wipes
  • socks 2 pairs
  • lip salve
  • breast pads (15-20 for few days of stay) I'm planning to stay for 1 night so 5 pairs
  • hair band
  • drinks or snacks
  • plain base/baby oil for massage
  • big towel
  • my own pillow
  • my own birthing ball in case hospital ones are all in use
  • t-shirt and joggers to wear in hospital
  • intimate wipes
  • paracetamol
  • make up
  • phone/phone charger

  • disposable nappies (at least 12)
  • cotton wool (pleats)
  • 6 Babygro suits 3 in newborn size, 3 in 0-3 months size
  • 6 Vests 3 in newborn size, 3 in 0-3 months size
  • 2 hats
  • Scratch mittens 1 pair
  • cardingan
  • shawl or similar warm outer clothing for going home in blanket
  • muslin cloths/bibs I will be using 2-3 small towels instead
  • socks

  • t-shirt
  • deodorant/spray
  • drinks/snacks
  • sample pack of toothpaste/toothbrush
  • pants/socks

It seems that my list is even longer than baby's. Do you think I need to get rid off some things or should I add something extra?!


  1. Don't forget your camera!!!!! Maybe earplugs too, if you are in the shared ward as there will be some crying babies or loud visitors as you will want to sleep after having the baby. And if you have to stay for more than 1 night. Get a private room! It is worth it! Good luck!!! xxxxxx

  2. If I was you, I would pop what you think are you essentials into one bag and the extras in to another, that way it is easier. I hated paper pants and just bought some cheap granny pants that I could throw away after Also you don't need a birthing ball (perhaps you could have it in the car just in case. If you are staying in they an eye (sleep) mask is essential as they don't really turn off the lights

  3. That's a pretty exhaustive list! Hope all goes well :) x

  4. My bag has loads more in it than baby's too. Looks like you've got it covered! Best of luck xx

  5. I brought home most of what I took unused!! But it's nice to have it there for the reassurance. The best thing I took was lucozade - perfect for little sips of energy. Good luck!

  6. oh best of luck , dont forget your camea though your going to want to take those first time pics x

  7. I ended up going into hospital 4 weeks before my baby was due..I didn't have a thing prepared!!! My mum had to go and buy bits for me, and when my son was born, we had to go and by tiny baby clothes as newborn was too big!

    Wishing you lots of luck for the birth!

  8. I've recently packed my bags and my list contains everything you have so sounds good to me!!

  9. Camera - and magazines in case you end up having a long wait (i.e. if they take you in to induce you and you have to wait for them to be ready!) Good luck - hope everything goes well! x

  10. I took loads the first time around and didn't end up using half of it! It depends how long you are going to be in for really. I didn't bother with the TV or anything like that because I was too exhausted and wasn't in for very long. It depends how attached you are to your pillow! I didn't bother taking one and found the hospital ones to be more than OK. Don't take anything into labour ward that you don't want ruined, it gets messy!!

  11. I think I used about 10% of the things I packed in my bag, second time around I hardly took anything in!

  12. Looks good to me!! I'm only 31 weeks but now starting to pick the baby's outfits and washing them etc already so it's great to see a blog post to help me out with it. I'm terrified of forgetting something really important!

    I found that the cow and gate booklet I got with advice for birth and after had a really good checklist in it.

    Good luck!

  13. Definitely add a camera and ear plugs, a change of clothes for your OH (t-shirt and shorts as delivery rooms are very hot) and a TENS machine. Good luck x

  14. Sounds good, don't forget you get given nappies and bed mats etc in the hospital, so you don't need them. x

  15. Mummy says energy sweets were fab for her during my labour and birth, and her relaxation CD. How exciting, good luck x

  16. Another vote for your camera and buying your own pants; the disposable ones are horrible and I really wouldn't take your own birthing ball.

  17. Looks like you are all packed and ready to go. I am so exited for you what exciting times. it could be anytime now. MM was born at 37 weeks and I was not prepared as my first was two weeks late I thought I had more time. Way to go you for being on top of it all. Hope all goes smoothly. Good luck. #sharewithme

  18. As others have said, don't forget your camera and make sure it's fully charged! Exciting times x

  19. Your list sounds pretty good. I'd suggest making sure you've got some tunes to listen to on your phone. I took in a cd of songs I wanted to listen to and all their cd players were in use which was very disappointing. You sound very well prepared x

  20. Looks like a good list. Have you seen mine from last week (you might get scared, I have zillions of things on there)?

  21. Not long to go - how exciting. I would add camera and music too

  22. It's been a while since I had to pack a hospital bag! Good luck :) xx

  23. Eeek, not long now.

    I packed loads in my hospital bag and in the end it didn't even make it out the boot of the car (very quick labour!) Always better to be over-prepared though. :)


  24. Thanks for linking to #babybabble. Seems you got it all covered so time to just sit and wait... albeit impatiently, I'm sure!!

  25. Exciting and not long now. How about some music for the delivery room. My hospital let me take my favourite CD in to listen while I had my caesareans

  26. So excited for you! I feel like I am part of your pregnancy cuz Ive seen your blog entries while you are pregnant! Looks like you have everything you need. Pillow is important. Mine was hard and not comfy and you need comfort if you just gave birth! Fluffy pillow works wonders =) #mmwbh

  27. The best thing I can recommend is a large sports water bottle so you don't have to use the silly small plastic cups and afterwards you can have it next to you in bed and drink one handed.

  28. Thanks for this, I shall be pinching a few myself when the time comes. I am hoping for a vba3c so my hospital bag is going to be very important for me this time
    x x
    ps eeeek not long to go!

  29. You've covered it all, so exciting not long now! Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts

  30. I would suggest a travel spray bottle to fill with water and use while going for a wee & after rather than intimate wipes. Also arnica tablets, you can get them from holland & Barrett. Exciting times for you! X

  31. I took some lollipops and some mints to suck on. Good luck sounds like you have most of it covered!

  32. Whoo I remember packing my bag :) exciting ...

  33. How exciting! Not long now... :-)

  34. This is a great post. Very detailed! Looks like you have lots of good items in your bag which you will need. Not long now :) x

  35. Wow, your list if brilliant.
    Add some camera into dads list... or not if you will use a smartphone one ;-)

  36. Hi!

    And I thought I was organised ;-)

    I took two different sizes of clothes too but they got mixed up so if you can find a way of making it obvious what is what, that'll be helpful. I also found - and this is random - but every hat we took was far too small for her. Maybe she had a massive head, bless her!!

    Enjoy the whole experience!