Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Little L is 30 months old

I have never done any fancy hairstyles on L's hair as the moment she has ponytails and braids she looks so much older that it become apparent that my little baby is growing way too quickly! 

It's so strange how quickly she blossomed into a toddler who shows that she understands but responds as well. There are no more guessing games L speaks in basic Russian and English (not so much) and understands all very well, t doesn't necessarily mean that she will do what is asked of her after all she is a cheeky little madam!

Putting L to sleep is a massive struggle at the moment, we have changed her cot bed into toddler bed as the cot started to collapse under her weight, and it maybe the reason why she struggles to get used to new bed. Having said that she is used to co-sleeping too, which means that she will be tossing and turning in her new bed for 30 minutes but will insist on going to our main bed and nod of eventually. I could be holding hands, reading a book, telling a story and nothing would work, we had few times where I fell asleep next to her as it was just such a struggle.

Potty training is going slow, L doesn't do well at the nursery even though has her own potty there. It is a bit frustrating as she is doing so well at home, but I guess we just have to wait. 

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  1. They do grow up so quickly, it's shocking how fast time fly's by. x