Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Healthy eating food diary

Healthy eating or clean eating means different things to everyone, for me it's about restricting myself from snacking, drinking more water, eating more vegetables and less unhealthy carbs and fats, for others it would be about cutting out processed meats and buying only organic dairy, fruits and vegetables, basically what suits you and your wallet.

It feels more of a diet at the moment rather than a change in the lifestyle, but I am not starving or eating rabbit food, I have never been a fan of that. 

Last week we did our first proper shop since agreeing to do healthy eating, we stopped buying some cans, added whole wheat products and mainly cut down on things that can potentially cause upset stomach and any kind of allergies or reactions.

Here is our food diary with what we have eaten before and what we are incorporating in our meals now, it's not a massive change as you can see, but I can see myself dropping few pounds and feeling lighter and healthier.

Would you add or change anything in your diet? Is there anything you like from our "Ideas for change" section?

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