Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Battle with the weight: update 9

I have missed December's post for a reason as I found that it's hard to commit to dieting when you have so much food to eat over festive period. With my mum staying over and cooking for us and all those chocolatesI found it hard to stick to exercising and eating healthy until I saw my sister in law, who has obviously committed to looking fitter no matter what.
It was like a wake up call for me and a new motivation/kick to start it again. The moment I saw her I have realised that I want to be skinnier than her, pronto! It may sound daft but I do like a bit of competition and seeing someone doing so well made me realise that I will be the only fatso in our family if I won't do things properly.

I am still visiting women only gym but lately I have lost my desire to go and do exercises, firstly as I didn't see much difference after the circuits I have done and secondly one of the staff members put me off going. When you go somewhere customer services orientated even gym it's not only about YOU committing to exercising, eating well it's also about the vibe you get from the place and people and the latter was not how I saw it. I saw a bunch of mid aged ladies visiting the place to socialise, I saw some very nice staff member and those who are to put it nicely needed to lose weight themselves or were a little bit too informal and brutal with the way they approach you. I felt that some things need to be addressed with the manager but as I am still the member of the gym and everyone knows each other and talk to each other it was hard to do as well as I do know how women's world works- gossip behind your back is not something I wanted so I had 2 options- to quit or to carry on going but to avoid the particular person I didn't want to see. 

As I don't see this particular gym as something I would stick to doing for long time I have decided that enough is enough and as of 9 January I stopped eating unhealthy food, stopped snacking in between, stopped thinking about fatty food. I'm now thinking what I eat and when I eat, try to drink more water as well as convinced my husband to go down healthy eating route too which would be an enormous help and encouragement for me. 

Last week I came across Joe Wicks' social media account who is apparently a new eating lean guru and upon looking through few plans that he offers I found something that I am willing to try. I am not saying I will be committing to yet another diet plan as from what I gathered it's not working for everyone but am happy to try some of his recipes. 

With this clear vision of what I want this year I am happy to start my new battle with the weight!


  1. Good luck with your continuing battle, I really would like the motivation to lose all my excess weight, but I only manage dog walking!

  2. Good luck with your continuing battle, I wish I had the motivation!