Monday, 16 January 2017

Learning Russian with Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Peek-a-Boo Cuckoo

Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Peek-a- Boo Cuckoo clock were gifted to L when she was about 12 months by my cousin who thought that it would be a lovely educational toy. It was one of our first big plastic toys which would speak Russian.
Made from a very high quality, durable plastic, strong enough to withstand flying out of bed, or smashing on the floor, sometimes L would try to stand on the toy, but the toy as good as new almost 1,5 later.

At first L liked to press the top green button and watch the orange Cuckoo come out and say "Cuckoo". Cuckoo
 lights up and can also sing "ABC"or play the melody, depending on the mode L would choose.

The toy has a little switch on the left front side for different functions such as music mode, off or educational mode. 

On top right corner of the roof there is a colourful wheel, which when turned changes image to "day" or "night", while performing dynamic "morning" song or lullaby, or say, "It's day" or " it's night".

On the left bottom side there is a loop or the"arm" with 2 geometric shapes: triangle and square, which could be used as a teether by younger babies or can be flipped by toddlers from one side to the other.                                           
On the right side there is a green "key winder" which makes a clicking noise every time you rotate the key winder.
If you press on the middle of the clock the orange button starts to light up and sing a counting song "Now the clock will show us 1, 2,3, 4 ..". Clock arms do not move by themselves, but once you start rotating them and pressing the middle button the toy will play different songs.
If the child doesn't want to listen to music, it can be easily changed to a different mode or turned off in order to learn the alphabet, as the letters are presented on the colourful purple roof. There seem to be so much to do with it that L will never feel bored with the toy and what makes it better for us is that all interactions are in my mother tongue "Russian" which makes the toy a great helping hand when teaching language with L. 

I have observed L with this toy for quite some time now and it certainly encourages to learn about colours, alphabet, numbers, times of the day, remembering short songs or melodies and of course motor skills. I can see L learning how to tell the time with Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Peek-a-Boo Cuckoo which would be a great laugh I' sure!

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  1. Lovely toy - I do prefer them when they're educational!