Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Christmas, New Year and Birthday celebrations

What a fantastic break we had, even though it feels that the built up to Christmas was longer than than the day itself, it was very sad to say "good bye" to my other half this morning. 

On Christmas Eve we added few finishing touches to our Christmas tree, prepared a plate full of lovely snacks and a drink for Santa and reindeer and opened a little present with L. I didn't plan to gift any presents to L the night before knowing how spoiled she will be throughout the festive break, but as she used daddy's blanket for the passed few nights prior to Christmas I thought it would be a great idea to give her own fleece blanket which I had in chest of drawers for ages. 
On Christmas day we all opened our presents and after L's day nap popped in to my family-in-law for a lovely meal and more presents opening. It was so strange how fast the time flew, at least we had few more relaxing days ahead of us!
As we welcomed my mum on Boxing Day our festive break became more of a chaotic and loud one with even more presents and surprise eggs for L, she is obsessed with watching Youtube chocolate eggs unwrapping videos. 

New Year was a little bit quieter than last year but nonetheless we had a great time with my husband, L, my mum and in-laws, celebrating New Year by Russian and English time, drinking and eating loads as you do!
Last but not least celebration we had yesterday, it was my 31st birthday with an amazing start to the day- Dick Whittington pantomime at Birmingham Hippodrome with my 2 fav actors Stephen Mcfadden and charming John Barrowman! What a performance that was with lots of laughter and amazing effects. I kept waving to John and Stephen in a hope that that would notice me, I think next time we need to upgrade to a backstage experience! Truly amazing and I thoroughly recommend to visit! 

What birthday without celebrations and a cake, the latter was left at home but we managed to stuff our faces with food in one of the local Fayre & Square pubs so no dessert was needed. 

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  1. Sounds like you had a lovely Christmas. Our oven broke on Christmas day, we didn't notice until the turkey had been in it for an hour!
    And a belated happy birthday to you