Monday, 12 December 2016

Review: My Cupcake Toppers and discount code

I am known to be rubbish at cooking but I always thought that I could be good at baking. I am yet to test the theory as having a clingy toddler in tow means that at the moment it is easier to nip out to the shop to top up our chocolate/bakery cupboard supplies. 

Having said that I always wanted to go that extra mile for special occasions like birthdays, Halloween or Christmas. For this Christmas I decided to treat my little girl to few little, sweet surprises courtesy of My Cupcake Toppers

"My Cupcake Toppers produce printed cupcake toppers or large cake toppers for your special occasion, business event, charity fundraiser or just for fun".

As I have never tried cupcake toppers before I have opted to buy a mix of different cupcake toppers- standard rice paper toppers, edible icing and premium paper toppers. 

At first I didn't notice any difference between cupcake toppers even seemed more transparent than I thought. Upon closer look I have noticed that premium toppers are much thicker than standard one, in terms of pricing 12 pre-cut standard cupcake toppers cost £1.70 and the same amount of premium cupcake toppers cost £2.70); edible icing toppers (a set of 12 costs £6) look very gentle ...
As no baking was involved in the process- I have bought delicious chocolate cupcakes and made a toffee icing, it took me less than 5 minutes to prepare cupcakes, apply toffee paste and add cupcake toppers. 
Edible icing toppers were melting in my mouth as were complimenting the cupcake too, adding no additional flavours just nice textures, with rice paper cupcake toppers you can feel additional textures and flavours but in a settle way. 

As I have used design your own cupcake toppers service (Ben and Holly) on standard rice paper (which will cost you exactly the same as pre-designed toppers) I wanted to see if the image will turn out to be the same as on the screen or slightly different. 
Colours like pink seemed slightly lighter but it didn't ruin overall design and barely noticeable, with pre-designed pictures (you can choose from a big variety of themes and occasions from adults and kids) images seemed exactly like on the website with Christmas themed cupcake toppers being my favourite bunch due to bright and deep colours.

As delivery took 1 working day and order process is incredibly easy I can thoroughly recommend to stock up on beautiful cupcake toppers in time for Christmas or other occasion. 

My Cupcake Toppers have offered a 10% discount code for the first order for your readers- the code to enter at checkout is MYLITTLE10.

Disclaimer: I was sent the item mentioned above for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 


  1. I love these paper toppers and remember eating them before I'd made cakes as kid! #triedtested

  2. I really like cupcake toppers; makes them personal