Friday, 16 December 2016

Review: Interactive doll Baby Born

Few weeks ago I was lucky to review Baby Annabel from Zapf Creations, this week we have been testing and comparing a different interactive doll- Baby Born (suitable from 3 years and worth around £44.99).
I didn't quite realised how different these 2 dolls are. First very noticeable (for parents's pocket and for practical reasons ) difference- no batteries required! Instinctively I started looking for batteries compartment but was pleasantly surprised that it doesn't have one. This allows L to play with Baby Born in the water or being able to wet the doll without me being worried that something might break.  Second difference- Baby Born doesn't make any sounds/noises, again I didn't know that this is possible with it being an interactive doll. For those mums and dads who cannot stand noisy toys that might an ideal doll for your little ones! 

Interactive doll Baby Born comes with potty, dummy with a clip, birth certificate/passport that can be filled it by yourselves,  plate and spoon, nappy, bottle, food satchet and cute bracelet for the owner saying "best friends". 

Now to my and L's first impressions..L saw Baby Born for the first time after her nap so initial reaction wasn't as expected, but she warmed up to it pretty quickly, especially as she was asking for it for Christmas! The very first features L noticed were closing and opening eyes, belly button and boobies, as you can tell it's an anatomically correct doll with 2 little holes at the bottom for wee and poo and body made of heavy duty hard rubber.

Baby Born seemed a little bit heavy (at first) for L as she is petite girl, but later on she got the hang of it and would cuddle the doll, put it in Baby Born stroller, try it on a potty, undress and generally enjoy it's company. 

We have managed to test few functions like filling the bottle up and offering it to Baby Born, putting the dummy in the doll's mouth, try it on a potty by pressing on belly button and making it cry, why making?! because you need to press on it's right arm to start the process as well as you need to press on belly button for it to start weeing.

Few things to remember: you shouldn't put the doll under the water fully or for long periods of time (the plug on the back needs to be closed), there are 2 techniques of giving water in a bottle and feeding with food provided (additional pouches can be purchased in toy shops), you can't give food in the bottle only water, the doll should't spend much time in the sun and needs to be cleaned ever so often to clear the pipes from mould. You can fully read do's and don't in the manual included.

Since having Baby Born I have found few tricks online for those not wanting to spend money on additional bits- use own brand nappies for premature babies or dry nappy provided and reuse it over and over again, use cornflour and water to prepare porridge. Even though these solutions are very helpful I do not guarantee that they will work for you or your doll.

I am yet to get used to it, but L likes it a lot and that's all that matters. 

Disclaimer: I was sent the item mentioned above for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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