Friday, 9 December 2016

A joyful visit to Webbs of Wychbold

Third time and still a joy to behold! With that I am referring to the brilliant and magical Webbs Christmas ice rink and grotto experience.
As L has grown into a more independent sponge, it made this years visit to Webbs much different to the previous times. L seemed to be much more responsive to lights, animals and people. This year had real life reindeer greeting you at the entrance, they were caged but it was excellent to see the beautiful creatures in person (I personally have never seen a real life reindeer), so it was great to touch them as they brush past the fencing. They add that extra excitement before you get started on what Webbs has to offer..
We opted to start with skating which was a good idea in hindsight, previously L has not lasted particularly long on the ice. We put our ice skates (L also had a small dual in line ice skates) and
trotted or tentatively made our way to the ice, oddly L did resist the idea of sitting on the skating aid  (can be hired for additional £5) but with the help of my husband, she did end up sitting on the aid and off we went. 

Things to remember: the skating session lasts 45 minutes, skate hire is included in the price. The price vary depending on a day and time, click here to check.
I must say that without the banana skating aid, neither myself or my husband would have made it around the rink (once). We are not avid skaters so do find ourselves clung to the edges of the rink, the aid makes you seem like a pro when skating, so I would definitely recommend having the aid if you are not confident in your ice skating.

The rink was excellently lit and its usual large presence at Webbs, you can't miss it! Loud music allows you to hum along whilst skating, assuming the cold air has not taken your breath away!
We lasted about 30 minutes on the rink, L did show signs of restlessness (trying to jump off the aid was a good indication), so we ended the ice skating which was a great experience. Then trotted off to the cafe.

Unfortunately this year did not include the hot chocolate and muffins, but we still got a chocolate muffin (yummy) anyway!
We took a short look around Webbs in general, taking in the sheer size of the Christmas department.

Wow is all I can say, so much to see, ranging from lights and decorations to small coves sleighs which you can put your little one in and take a quick Christmas snap! A beautiful and inspiring part
of Webbs, which definitely gets you into the Christmas spirit.
Next up the grotto (£9.99 for 1 child and 1 accompanying adult) - now we have a pretty good idea of what to expect, as we have been to Webbs grotto in two previous years. However, you could immediately tell that it was slightly different this year, in the sense that a queue formed in a small star lit entrance.
The door opened and we were let into an elf helper room, which had lots of seeds in bowls on each table and portraits of Santa's reindeers. The elves explained that L and the kids were to fill a bag full of seeds and food for the reindeers (this is a new Christmas trend for little ones). So L filled the bag up with seeds and the elves sealed the bag for us to take home (and popped a label on the bag), nice touch!

Next up, the elf workshop, in this room we were given an empty plastic bauble to fill up with paper streamers, fluffy balls and stickers to put on the outside. As L has never done any art and craft with her daddy before that was a bit of a special moment for them too. 
After just few minutes of waiting we were invited to recognisable room from previous years with beautiful Christmas decorations (some of them you can purchase in store) and in few minutes to see Santa himself. This year L seems to feel differently about Santa, she gets all excited and can talk about him and what she wants for Christmas but the moment she sees Santa, she freezes and starts crying, this is exactly what happened at Webbs grotto. 

We did manage to take few of own own pictures but opted not to buy professional photo due to not so many smiley faces. This year gift warehouse (free gift included in a ticket) didn't disappoint, L picked dolly, my husband picked a balloon set and I picked doctor set, the latter in the end was what we have eventually chose to take home and of course few more memories to remember!

Disclaimer: I was offered to visit Webbs of Wychbol for the purpose of this review. All thought and opinions are my own.

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