Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Christmas arts and crafts presents from L's nursery

Couple of weeks ago I had a conversation with deputy manager of the nursery about me wanting to see more of what L does during the day. I wanted to be sure that she is kept busy, that those activities help her develop certain, new skills. Since starting nursery almost 3 months ago, we never had anything to bring home from nursery apart from 2 cupcakes for Halloween day which my hubby refused to eat at first as was convinced that they are full of germs (I did hesitate too). 

Since then ever so often I would notice seeing Christmassy drawings of foot prints, paper bags which gave it away that nursery might give us something to take home for Christmas. 

So last week when I was picking L up I was given the loveliest present from nursery staff and L, this is something I will certainly cherish and keep in a special box, wish they did that more often!!

Here are just some arts and crafts masterpieces, we were also given a card form one of the toddlers in L's room and a keyring with L holding a plaque saying "We wish you a Merry Christmas".

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