Monday, 19 December 2016

L's little treats this Christmas

Last year little L has received numerous of presents from all the family, for which I'm grateful, but sadly not many have been played with. This year I was observing L seeing how she responds to different cartoons and characters and I think for now we have few favourites. 

So here is the official guide to what our 2 year old gets this Christmas from us and some other relatives, it may not be much but these are the things that L will definitely appreciate and play with:

As you can see L would be receiving a variety of toys, most of them are very cheap or half price (to our disappointment magic wand is much cheaper now but was purchased few weeks ago before sale at Argos started, same goes for the car- we managed to save a lot as found one for a half of what you can normally buy it for). 

I cannot wait to see L face when she sees balloon as it meant to be Gaston from Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom, she will totally love it!

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  1. Some lovely presies for her. I like the bright car :-)