Monday, 26 September 2016

Review: Teletubbies Pull And Play Noo Noo Giant Activity Toy

When I was a little younger I recall watching Teletubbies with my nephew, I could never decide which of the characters I like more. Believe it or not I don't remember seeing Noo Noo but as my husband is a massive fan of this cute blue hoover I knew that Teletubbies pull and play giant Noo Noo toy ( £49.99) could potentially be a great toy for my daughter and her daddy. 
If you are not very familiar with the show- Noo Noo is the hoover character from Teletubbies, a bit of an unsung hero if you like.

L loves to discover new toys and finding out how to play with them in case mummy didn't work it out, Noo Noo pull along toy is not an exception. Once the box was ripped apart and giant Noo Noo toy was out L didn't hesitate and started investigating all the buttons and puzzles. 

I was very impressed with a true likeness of the toy and the size of it, it is truly giant and the biggest toy I have or L has ever owned. What makes it even better- much loved Teletubbies characters are incorporated into the Noo Noo toy.

Noo Noo giant pull along toy comes has few entertaining features:

- suitable for 18 months and up
- big, round googly eyes make Noo Noo more realistic
- it has a string allowing your little one to pull it back and forth
- pink "light ball" at the back of the toy lights up when on the move and when playing music; On/Off buttons and slot for batteries are at the bottom of the light
- 3D Teletubbies jigsaw (on one of the sides of Noo Noo toy) with little knob on each toy allowing your little one to grip each shape and take it out or put it back in
- large shape sorter (on the other side of Noo Noo) with a storage section allowing to store shapes and play with them. Both these activities allow your little one to develop skills, both visual and problem solving
- interactive buttons on top of the toy making slurping sounds, repeating Teletubbies speech and playing music depending on the button you press (some sounds maybe similar)
- On/Off button has different mode: Voice- allowing Noo Noo to make all sorts of funny noises, spin the brush and pick up magnetic custard splat (a very accurate representation of the Noo Noo); Off mode and Mute mode which essentially mutes any Noo Noo noises apart form the interactive buttons on top of the toy.

Even though L has never watched new version of Teletubbies she recognised characters from the TV advert straight away, which I think made her even more connected with the toy. We have been testing the toy for couple of weeks now and only recently discovered funny noises Noo Noo makes when set to Voice mode. I would advise to give Noo Noo's nose or eyes a little shake that's how our toy "woke up". 
Unlike other pull along toys sturdy Noo Noo will not fall on it's side or upside down. L pulls it along from one room to another with different obstacles on the way and I haven't heard the toy falling over once which also tells me that it's a sturdy toys.

Teletubbies Pull And Play Noo Noo Giant Activity Toy is a perfect toy for Chistmas or birthday, keeping your little one entertained and educated for a long time.

Disclaimer: I was sent the item mentioned above for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

The post in written in collaboration with guest poster- my other half.

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  1. Oh that looks like lots of fun! Boo is a big TellyTubbies fan so I am sure she would love this!