Monday, 5 September 2016

Our week away in St.Ives, Cornwall

Last week we have spent in a place all of us were looking forward to visiting- St.Ives, Cornwall. 

What was meant to be a 4 hours drive took pretty much the whole day, with lots of traffic but this wasn't the only surprise, parking was another obstacle on our way, with few scratches at the front and back of the car we have finally parked the car and helped my family-in-law to do the same and off we went to enjoy the sea just 3 minutes away!
The weather was so weird, it could be raining (blowing in your face) but yet so warm. We were taking off our raincoats and putting them back up, others who are more used to this weather would just carry on walking in t-shirt and shorts.

For the first few days I couldn't relax at all neither could L, she would wake up the moment I tried to leave the room or wouldn't sleep at all as was disturbed by creaky floorboards and seagulls outside. Eventually when L got used to this noise and I had some help from in laws it felt more like a holiday. 

I have never been in a town with such narrow roads, but such blue sea. I would hate pushing the stroller along the pavement and be forced to go on the road by other tourists but would totally adore the sea view. 

We have tried to make the most of it and spent some time on seaside when days were warm and sunny, tried seafood ( crab and lobster, I will be preserving their shell ), fudge, Cornish scones and clotted cream, veg and meat pasties and of course ice creams in local cafés and restaurants. 

On one of the days we drove to St. Michael's mount, where we walked across the discovered path when the tide was out. Thankfully I have borrowed baby carrier for L otherwise it could have been a disaster (pushchair are only allowed to cross the path and once ticket to visit the castle is purchased you will be asked to leave your stroller behind on the allocated area). It was quiet a walk, the right footwear is essential, I had my pumps on and could feel every stone I stood on and as L was on me the only way to go forward was to hold on to the rail, certainly could seem like a doddle for fit people! 

Once we made our way to the the castle, each room had it's own history and again fantastic views. For a moment I completely forgot that we are still in England!

Upon reflection, we had such a great time in St.Ives! Would be lovely to repeat it one day, maybe when L is older and can truly appreciate beautiful views and sea!

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