Monday, 19 September 2016

Num Noms Wacky Bakers challenge

I have seen cute collectible toys Num Noms before but thought that they are more suitable for older kids than young toddler as contains lip gloss. Recently I have noticed lots of parent bloggers reviewing Num Noms with their toddlers so thought that maybe we should give them ago as well.

Luckily we have been offered to take part in a cooking challenge called #WackyBakers and I had something very special I was dying to try with L but never had a chance to and this was a great opportunity to do so. 

I have used Num Noms Yog Yog recipe as a basis for our experiment, but substituted  the ingredients as per Num Noms Freezie pops set we have received.
Freezie Pops scented set (£8.99) contains:
- Strawberry Pop
- Tropi- Cali Pop
- Grape Soda Pop
- Icy Berry Go-Go
- a little tray and a spoon

To make Yog Yog I have used a cookie dough and chocolate chip set I had, strawberry and apricot yogurt with a little addition- red grapes.

Cookies didn't go to plan, I made them too thick, but I think cookies and yogurt could make a nice snack for breakfast (my husband normally has something similar at work) or during the day.
L saw Num Noms for the first time and was absolutely mesmerised by motorised Icy Berry Go-Go. The rest of Num Noms characters form the set smell absolutely divine, sweet more like a chewing gum. Icy Berry Go-Go has a little button bow once pressed will start or stop moving, well the moment L pressed the button we haven't seen her or the toy for the next hour or so. 

Challenge results, happy mum (I have eaten cookies and yogurt) and happy child (L enjoyed playing with her new scented toys).

Disclamer: we have received materials to make chefs hat, Num Noms label, Num Noms series 2 set for the purpose of this challenge.

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