Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Little L is 26 months old

I thought that novelty of loving your child wears off, but I can't stop loving L, I admire her every single day, look in her eyes as if for the first time, kiss her chicks over and over again.

I can't tell her off when she is so cute, but sometimes of course a strict parent in me steps in, she wouldn't necessarily stand in the corner but I do tell her that she may end up there. I think because I prefer to smother her in kisses more when I say "no" it seems a bit of a joke for L. 
For the past month our shopping routine has slightly changed, L wouldn't want to sit in a pushchair and would prefer to walk or be in my arms which for me made shopping very awkward but I am used to that now.

Potty training has some progress as well, we didn't master big P yet but L shows interest in potty more and more and I couldn't be happier. We had a little accident on a chair with poo, I didn't tell L off as I knew she just wanted to do it but ended up there and she told us in the end and didn't smother anything, which is great right?!

Sleeping and eating routine didn't really change much, I wanted to slow down with breastfeeding and introduced bottle of milk before/after L's naps but when L wants breasts I can't say "no", it wouldn't work anyway.

We had some great progress with speech, L would repeat words she hears in both English and Russian and would burst just before bed time with lots of words, describing her face or my face. It's very cute and sweet and I love this stage, she is more of a person who can have a conversation with you, basic but we can talk. L is such a great and funny kid, she would wave at strangers or pets, people would smile back, why wouldn't you?! :-)

L loves to repeat my facial expressions or even test us by poking my husband or me or creating funky hair dos with my hair, singing songs/repeating songs in her own way it's so adorable. We have an all time favourite song L heard when we were in Moscow, it's a lullaby and once it's on TV L would sing along remembering words or if she doesn't remember them would sing about what she sees on the screen totally cute and funny! 

I just can't believe she is getting bigger! Still my little girl!

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