Friday, 19 August 2016

Review: Yutaka Korean Kimchi

As some of you may know I was brought up in a different country- Russia where some if not most traditions or views differ. I remember big celebrations and table full of traditional and foreign dishes, one of them was my favourite "Korean Carrot" salad. I have read conflict information regarding it's origin, but even if it's not an authentic Korean salad it has a very interesting flavour I like so much.
When I was offered to review Kimchi (RRP £2.75 available for Sainsburys) I couldn't resist but to say "Yes"!

"Kimchi has long been recognised as a super food in the Far East and was recently ranked as one of the world’s five healthiest foods. It’s packed with fibre, vitamins and minerals and boasts a wealth of anti-oxidants. What’s more, it is bursting with flavonoids and probiotics, which help to slow down aging, maintain healthy levels of cholesterol and strengthen the immune system. And with only 13 calories per 100g, what’s not to like?"

In simple terms Kimchi is a traditional Korean side dish, it's recipe is based on fermented cabbage, garlic, chilli, carrot, radish, salt and ginger.

It is recommended to have as a side with rice, noodles, BBQ, pizzas, tacos, salads and much more. 

I must admit I was a little bit greedy and kept the whole jar (215g) for myself, but of course only after my dear husband said that he is happy for me to have it all. 

As I'm very into salads at the moment I have mixed Kimchi with my lettuce, cucumber and BBQ'd sausage salad, with lettuce and rice salad and with lettuce and ham wrap. I can't explain what it tastes of as to me it seems really spicy, I can feel the texture of cabbage but you cannot taste it. 

Having said that it worked really well if not made my lunch more exciting and tasty, with it's overpowering, crunchy flavour, Kimchi is just perfect for those who like to spice up their meal. 

Disclaimer: I was sent the item mentioned above for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. I have never tried Kimchi before...It does sound interesting and like it will bring a lot of extra flavour to meals x

  2. Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x