Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Battle with the weight: update 5

Since my last update I had a little progress, yay! I didn't manage to go on a treadmill yet but I have found something that motivates me, believe it or not it's a salad. 
I found that I don't feel full when eating salad I made, but if I buy a pre-packed salad it goes well and keeps me full for a while. It is of course not the cheapest of options as the price vary so much, you can buy salad for less than £2 in Aldi or over £3 in Boots, depending on where you shop and how much you are willing to spend.

I normally go through reduced section first to see if there are any reduced salads there and if not will buy the one that I fancy more which is Caesar salad. Since I have discovered a new love for salads, Ceasar is by far one of my favourites. When I see that I can't afford to spend a lot on salads I would by Ceasar salad dressing and make my own salad that works as well as it gives a flavour.

I have noticed a slight difference, my tummy looks less bloated, I feel motivated, my spirits are high as I see that it works for me.

I really hope this is a little start to something bigger, better! I have so much work clothes I need to fit into and this is my aim now!

How are you getting on?

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