Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Little L is 25 months old

I wonder if we already hit "troublesome twos" stage as L is not herself. She would want to walk more than be in a pushchair, would refuse to go in a pushchair or sit still when we are shopping. I do wonder sometimes how other families manage to deal with few kids..
I'm not saying she is horrible but it is certainly tough especially when you see people walking and looking at us.

My attempt at stopping breastfeeding has failed, we had moments when during the day L wouldn't ask about it and would want to feed all night long, this and past week L wanted breast pretty much all the time. I am considering offering her a bottle of milk before bed to see if it makes any difference.

In the last few days we had guest who have seen L before handful of times and it's just fascinating to see how well she bonds with her relatives- she would be shy at first, then would show off her toys and offer to play, will get closer by sitting on the lap or offering to draw or play together.

L is incredibly advanced in technology, I try not to encourage to use my phone but she will reach for it when wakes up, will know how to unlock the screen, open Youtube or gallery which I'm not particularly happy about as she already deleted few of my videos. 

Regardless of L being naughty and a hard work I love her to bits, will admire her facial features, how cute she is when dancing or singing! Maybe biased but she is the best, prettiest girl in the whole world!

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  1. The time goes so quickly with little ones, it's great that you are doing the blog so you will be able to look back at all the memories