Monday, 1 August 2016

Review: Summer fun activity with Webbs by the beach

I was really looking forward to summer, hoping for lots of days out and sunny, warm days, but sometimes you don't get what you wish for. Webbs of Wychbold created a little getaway for kids and parents where it is always fun and sunny "Webbs by the beach".

"Webbs beach is an all-weather activity in the restaurant garden area and has been designed with the great British summertime in mind. From summer showers to lovely sunny days the beach activity is suitably covered".

Since I have seen an advert in a newspaper I knew that me and L must go there, but as I'm not keen on public transport I was delaying the trip, hoping that 3 of us can go.

Webbs offer 3 sessions throughout a day for kids between 2 and 8 years old, 2 of which cost £5 per child, and 1 lunchtime session includes lunch bag costs £7.50.

We were greeted by a welcoming staff member who explained what was about to happen and gave L a sticker with her name on it ( who doesn't like a sticker). 

Throughout the session kids had a bit of a free play building sand castles/making sand ice creams/delivering truck of sand, listening to stories and singing songs. In between activities staff would blow a whistle which meant the end of the activity, and kids need to either help tidy up the sandpit by putting all toys away into a big toy chest or wash their hands before having a free drink ( water or juice).

Washing hands in the bucket was one of the favourite things to do, some older kids would wash their hand and enjoy the drink, other younger toddlers would splash in the water with an attempt to get in the bucket fully.

Spacious sandpit had a small section for little babies allowing them to enjoy the fun but in a more private area. Parents had a choice of joining in the sessions ( some if us had too) others could sit back and enjoy entertainment provided by 2 staff members and use the facilities of the restaurant which was just outside the "beach" area.

2 hour session seemed sufficient enough to tire a child before a nap or lunch/dinner depending on your routine. The session itself was a little bit too structured, but L wasn't bothered as such, she would sit down when wanted to, had a wiggle when heard music play and generally had fun enjoying free play with few other girls and boys of a similar age.

Overall, it's was a great socialising experience for L with lots of giggles and things to do. 
If these seem like your sort of fun, you have plenty of time to visit as Webbs by the beach will be closing the door on 18th September.

Disclaimer: I was offered to visit Webbs of Wychbold for the purpose of this review. All thought and opinions are my own.


  1. What a great way to enjoy a couple of hours of weatherproof fun and a good price too #TriedTested

  2. Sounds fun
    Unfortunately I live up north
    Always seems more going on down south

  3. Looks great perfect for our unpredictable weather