Monday, 4 July 2016

Review: Peppa Pig’s Surprise show at Palace Theatre, Redditch

Until recently L didn't own much of Peppa Pig's toys, but as it was L's birthday, she was showered with gifts, but her favourite so far is her new wooden kitchen and a plastic house with Peppa Pig's tv show characters. 
Just imagine how happy she was when I told L that we are going to see Peppa Pig's Surprise, she wasn't the only one, we saw lots of parents carrying or pushing their excited little ones to watch the show. For those who had pushchairs Palace Theatres' staff offered to store the pushchair safely and once the show was over brought them back just by the small stall selling Peppa Pig's merchandise.

We arrived at the venue just few minutes before the start as I wanted to make sure that L is happy but not bored. She refused to sit on her own seat and most of the show was on my lap for comfort and a  better view which in all honest most of the parents did too.

The show started with an introduction of a new human character Daisy- who was a fun and enthusiastic girl with 2 pony tales and funky dungarees. Daisy, Danny Dog, Suzy Sheep and Pedro Pony (performers with moving puppets) played an interactive, panto style game of hide and seek as they were looking for their friends Peppa and George. When all friends were re-united Daddy Pig and Mummy Pig announced that they are taking Peppa and George on a surprise adventure. How exciting!
In the next seen we watched Peppa, George and their friends splashing in muddy puddles, dreaming about the surprise and singing The Bing Bong Song, the audience didn't hesitate to join. For those who didn't know the word Daisy has kindly brought a sign with lyrics to the song.

Tip: almost forgot to mention, do bring a waterproof cover as if you are sitting in the stalls you have a big chance of getting wet!

As it was getting close to bedtime Peppa and George needed a bath, oh boy they had so much fun, so did we! Daisy was blowing big bubbles into the audience, which was a massive hit, L was so excited and wanted to be one of the lucky "poppers".

The final scene of the first act took us to Peppa and George's bedroom where Daisy decided to read them a bedtime story about a monkey and suddenly the red monkey became real..

The second part of the show is all about the surprise trip to the seaside, where Peppa and George met their friends and had lots of fun playing and building sand castles, visiting rock pool and meeting different sea creatures, oh and almost forgot about Daddy Pig who was snoring away in a shade. 

In the very last scene once all beach equipment was packed and everyone were ready to go home we met Mr. Potato who made some delicious smoothies.

The show itself lasts about an 1 hour and 20 minutes with a 15-20 minute interval for those who needs a snack or toilet. I was a little bit surprised when the break was announced, as kids of different ages react to break in a different way some would stay calm other would lose interest in what's going on. L handled break very well and tried her best to stay active until the end but wasn't as interested in the show as she was during the first act. 

The price of tickets vary depending on the venue and seats chosen, please visit the website to see dates available.

Disclaimer: We were offered complimentary tickets for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. Oh my goodness, my daughter would absolutely love this! She's a huge Peppa Pig fan x #triedtested

  2. What a great experience - I know my 3 year old would enjoy this too! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested