Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Little L is 24 months old

Since our family break in Moscow L has changed so much. She has learned more Russian words, spent some lovely time with her cousins and grandma. 
L managed to catch a cold so we have asked a doctor to come and see us there and found out that L has carotene jaundice as we give her pouches with carrots few times a week, we were advise to cut down on that, have also been advised that L needs to wear orthopedic shoes and that her lack of eating is affected by "snacking" on breast milk.
Apart from that L has been very active, chatty, in fact she wouldn't let go of the phone once she was given one and would carry on chatting to someone for ages.

Clothing and shoes wise, L fits some of her 18-24 and 2-3 outfits and is still in infant size 5 shoes.

I am very happy how her Russian is coming along, I was a little bit worried that she will be slower in her development but I think she ticks most of the boxes. I do hate it though when L learns/says another English word but we can't avoid it.

Sleeping hasn't changed, I do hope that once we move L to her own room she might get used to sleeping properly without me. I'm trying to make some changes with her breastfeeding i.e. cut down on it, potty training but it seems to be a very long process.

By the amount of bruises on her fingers and sucking on rubber toys I assume we had some teething issues, but as I have mentioned on one of my posts it is so hard to guess as she is unhappy more often that I would have liked.

Now to positives, L loves singing and now she sings in tune with songs from cartoons or phone ringtones, amazing!
L likes to boogie, that bum twerking is just something! She is seems more confident and independent at times.

The funniest moment of last week-my sister and her partner came to see us (L likes her uncle so much), when he was about to get in the car she called him "darling, darling", so sweet and funny!


  1. Aww! How lovely that she is learning more Russian.
    She sounds adorable and such a sweetie x