Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Ipad/Tablets app to promote early language development

As L is a bilingual toddler I always worry about her speech development, I can only imagine that some other mums maybe worrying about similar things.
Here is a list of recommended tablet pc apps recommended by Health Visitors*:

"My First Words- select the words you want to work on and change the setting for whether you want to label the picture for expressive language or select from 2/3/4 pictures for receptive language. You can also add your own photos/pictures.

Eli Explorer- simple game for sharing and commenting. Make Eli the rabbit fly around his world, discuss different things and noises happen. Children will enjoy the repetition of similar phrases.

My Play Home- highly interactive, includes all the rooms in a house with its family members. Useful for moving familiar objects around, modeling words and following basic instructions.

Interactive stories e.g. Goldilocks, Toy Story, Little Red Hen etc

Toddler Touch and Say (Ladybird)- interactive pictures of vehicles, animals, at home and toys.

SoundTouch- nice early vocabulary app for different categories (animals, transport, musical instruments), child touches the word and then a picture and real life sound comes up. Good for single word comprehension and expressive language. Very popular with younger children.

Verbs with Milo- Milo makes up the verbs and names them as a word or in a sentence.

Tiny Farm/Tiny Airport/ Firefighters and Police- great for developing vocabulary- sharing/commenting.

Seek and Find games: Animal Circus, My Little Town

Splingo- help the alien get home by following the directions (from single words up to 4 key words)

Magic Voice- use your voice to activate the rabbit

Words- choose words and then it says linked actions e.g. baby- fall, crawl, walk; name things- gets you to name things in categories, e.g. things you see at the zoo".

Some of them sound very intriguing, I might see if there is an alternative in Russian for L and keep those for when L prepares to start school. 

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  1. Didn't know there were so many apps like this
    Thanks for the information