Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Work vs staying at home

At the beginning of the week I was headhunted by a big company for a full time position and since then I couldn't sleep properly. I have considered going back to work but when I feel ready, when L is ready and starts going to the nursery for part-time. 

I'm absolutely dreading the idea of working full time and seeing L only for dinner and sleeping time. I know some parents have to do it, but because it's too soon for us it might be a bit of a stressful time for L and I. 

It is an incredible opportunity to work for a big company but I'm not sure it's the one for me. Not that I have no ambitions, I do and I would love to become someone in this life even though it might be too late at 30, but I have realised that L comes first. 

What would you do?


  1. Such a hard decision....
    If you were headhunted the chances are you will be again in the future. I would personally want to stay home with my child. They are only small for such a short time x

  2. It's never too late, but I agree your time with L is all so precious. If you don't feel ready don't do it as you will most probably regret it. I waited until I was 39 to fulfill my ambitions and my son was a bit older then.