Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Story, Song and Rhyme at local Library

Every Wednesday our local library holds a free half an hour class for toddlers up to 3 years old. We have missed every infant session but as L gets older and the days are nicer (ish) I decided that it's time to have a look what's the fuss is all about.

Prior to the session we went for an investigation first so that on the day of the class I don't have to rush around trying to find where to go and generally knowing where to go, what to do makes me more comfortable and calmer.

The very first session we visited last week, I was surprised how many kids there were. L was very excited and was chatting to every single kids she saw. During the session I have noticed that L got closer to the older girl who had Barbie and Ken, but she didn't fight for toys, quite opposite it was a very friendly sharing, she would take the toys and then give them back, if she saw a random toy lying on the floor she would pick it up and give to a child.

This week everything was slightly different, there were less kids, library staff were a little bit passive and didn't entertain kids like the other 2 staff members did last week and L was different-tired or not interested. 
Entertainment wise library staff read a story or two in a pop up book, sing nursery rhymes with kids throughout the session, offer a selection of musical instruments for kids to play with whilst singing "Duke of York" and of course the best part bubbles at the end of each class. It seems like not a lot, but it keeps little one busy for 30 minutes and it free! 

Hoping next session would be more exciting!


  1. I used to take my son to our local library for similar sessions and he loved it. Great for them to mingle with other children too

  2. I've never taken my two to places like this - they've been to soft play - because I get so anxious which is unfair on them. I suppose it's good that they have each other to play with. I might see if we have one local to us and see if it's any good.

  3. Sounds great. We go to a song session at the library but I dont like it there and Lily is a little frightened of the room leader. We go to a play group on a thursday now instead.