Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Is it time to start potty training?!

I was contemplating nappy training since L was about 10 months old, but not because she was ready. My mum potty trained me at that age and this seems to be a norm for Russian mums. We have tried holding L over the basin with the water on, but I don't think that both of us were ready for it.

Close to L's 1st birthday I took a potty out so that L could get used it and feel comfortable sitting on it. She would sit on a potty and play with toys whilst we are in the bathroom, take it do a different room as if it's a toy. Apart from introducing potty, we have also started to use usual disposable nappies with pull ups so that it's easier for L to put them down. What I didn't take into consideration is baby grows which L still uses on a daily basis, I think I would have to leave them for night time.

It seems like a good start but I didn't really know what to do next. When I turned to social media I have noticed that some mums with little ones of the similar age are practicing potty training as well. As I wasn't alone I knew it's should be the right time for us to continue potty training.
I don't ask L do sit on a potty every day, but once we have time and L just had a soiled nappy I would leave her on a potty, offer her a colourful leaflet or a book and imitate a weeing noise. 
Couple of weeks ago I was totally surprised when L said "wee wee" what meant that she actually did a wee in a potty! 

What a great start! In couple of months we are going to visit my mum who I hope will help me in our potty training journey and maybe we can push L to do number 2.


  1. Sounds a good start!


  2. Good luck - I remember it as a stressful time. However it's great when they have learnt.