Monday, 18 April 2016

Days Out: Yu Kids Adventure Soft Play Attraction at Quest, intu Merry Hill

For those of you that have no idea what Quest is (initially I was the same), it is a fun packed adventure play area right at the far end of Merry Hill (nicely tucked away from the main shopping area).

"With six unique attractions to choose from there is something for all ages at Quest. Yu Kids is where it's at for under 6's, plus an extra special play space for under 2's. Junior adventurers can try Sky Tykes, a low ropes course made especially for little dare devils. For those 6 and over we have a whole heap of action and adventure. Dare you conquer Altitude, Europe's highest indoor ropes course? Or experience the thrill of one of our Nerf Blaster attractions".

Quests play area consists of several zones: main adventure area, under 2's soft play area, a rope climbing area (which is above ground) and a fun blaster/game area.

As we were visiting with L, we could only really experience the soft play areas (as there was also a height restriction for the other areas). Entry for the zone we have visited costs £4.50 during weekend and school holiday and £3.50 weekday term time).

The main play area had a reception desk (and food/drink stand), where you will be greeted by some great attentive staff members, who explained the basics to us (no shoes, supervise your child etc.).
There was also seating for the tired adults (which I guarantee you will be) and shelving to store your shoes.

Once we were in the Yu Kids zone L decided to go for a bouncy balloon experience first. Imagine soft steps leading you up to a bouncy castle, with loads of balloons and four fans blowing the balloons into a fun blinding frenzy.. well that is exactly what L experienced, and she absolutely loved it (you could tell from the excitable noises she was making, that she was enjoying running 
wild in there).                           
As you can imagine, we revisited the balloon area several times with L and it was evident that this was her favourite area.             
The second area was on the ground level with a colourful display of spinning and twirling obstacles (I think that is the best way to describe the climbing bits). There was a very colourful 360 spinning tube/hamster wheel which you put your child in and imagine they are in a washing machine (not literally), but it is the best way to describe it! L seemed to think it was funny and was a a bit like a trapped mouse stopping itself from falling over. Quite amusing from my perspective as well.. a good way to test your child's stability/co-ordination.

Onwards we go to what was my favourite area (and I couldn't even have a go!) a massive bouncy slide.

Initially L remained at the top and did not venture towards to edge (to slide down). I am actually rather happy she was cautious as it shows L likes to think about things before chucking herself down the edge of the slide. However, she did it on the second attempt after requesting to be taken out.. very proud parent! And as with every child, she went crazy after that, wanting to go again and again.

There was also a small slide, which was see through with water flowing inside. Very cool looking slide, my only issue with this slide was that the slide surface seemed hard and the slightest slip/fall (which can happen), may have caused a hefty bump. 

A bouncy water floor area which similar to the slide, had a see through base with water. 

The sides of the floor had different lights, which illuminated the water/floor and made it look quite majestic and fun for L. A very nice sensory touch to the bouncy water floor (that's what I am calling this area).

The under 2's soft play area was another zone of the Yu Kids attraction we have visited. One could say more suited to L (due to her current age), but strangely she did seem more keen to run back to the main play area.

We were able to maintain L's attention for long enough to allow her to enjoy elements of the under 2's area.
The only area which L ventured into was the traditional ball pool area, which needs no introduction. A natural addition to any soft play area, and L knows exactly what to expect from the ball pool. From my perspective it is usually a case of rescuing L from sinking within the ball pool and stopping her running off with all the balls.

I did see some people walking above on the ropes (you need the be a certain height and have the equipment), it did seem quite fun and each person participating looked to be having fun, but it wasn't to be this time around.

On a side note, we saw the Quest staff interact with children (on numerous occasions), which made the experience much more enjoyable (it is the attention to detail which makes a place great).

What a fun, enjoyable, tiresome but truly memorable play experience for L!

Disclaimer: I were provided with a free entry for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. The bouncy balloons area was fun! My daughter loving it. I think that is one of the best part of the soft play. Definitely worth visiting. She seen had lot of fun!

  2. Oh what fun, I can imagine kids everywhere loving this #TriedTested

  3. Really nice pics