Monday, 11 January 2016

Review: Pampers Baby-Dry Pants

Nappies are one of the most used baby products in many households. Before L was born we bought 10 packs of nappies to last us a month, which wasn't too expensive comparing how much we pay now for them in a bigger size. 
Put the price aside it's all about quality and comfort and Pampers as a one of the top nappy brands promises to protect our babies bums.

We were sent a pack of Pampers Baby- Dry pants in size 4 worth £5 for a pack of 23 pants. 
Pampers Baby- Dry pants have extra absorbent layer, extra breathable, provide up to 12 hours of dryness and all-round stretch material.
I was looking forward to testing Baby-Dry pants as they are incredibly useful if L won't sit still whilst changing her nappy. We have tried pull ups before, it was a trial purchase to see if you can use pants nappies on a daily basis, but I have decided against  the supermarket's own brand as they were a bit too tight and L had nappy rash few times.
When L saw Pampers Baby-Dry pants pack for the first time she was very excited, the pack has an easy carry handle and for an excitable toddler it was a fun "bag" to play with.

Pull up pants themselves will surprise you with their unique design:
-cartoon image at the front

-tear down sides and 

a small tape attached at the back for easy disposal.

Whilst the design is innovative it took me a while to get used to a tear away method of changing these nappies. When it comes to soiled nappies I take L to the bathroom to take the nappy off and to wash her bum. I normally would be holding L with one arm and detach the nappy straps with the other, which is a fairly easy process, with new Pampers Baby-Dry pants I worry that if I tear away the sides I can drop some of the contents of the nappy on the floor.
I must be so used to "normal" nappies that every time L wears Pampers pants I think if they are comfortable and stretchy enough for her. Having said that L didn't have any red marks as a sign that they fit perfectly fine, which is great! But not only that, they keep L's bum dry as claimed on the packaging for 12 hours and don't irritate her skin or leave a nappy rash!

L and I give thumbs up for Pampers Baby-Dry pants and recommend them not only for toddlers ready for potty training but for active, wriggly babies who don't like hassle of nappy changing!

Disclaimer: I was sent the item mentioned above for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

The post in written in collaboration with guest poster- my other half.

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