Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Arts & Crafts: no sew felt Quiet book

Just before Christmas I wanted to create something special for my little girl, something I can make myself and L can play with and learn about the world. 

I decided to stock up on assorted colours felt sheets, hot glue gun, Velcro sticky pads and create a no sew Quiet book.
For those who don't know Quiet book is a trendy, handmade felt book which will keep your little ones busy. They can be made professionally and cost a fortune due to time consuming task or they can be made by a loving parent where you can decide if you are planning to use a glue or a sewing machine as well as make it more suitable for your child's age.

As I don't have much time on my hands I have decided to use no sew method and create few pages with L's favourite animals, coloured stacking rings and coloured shapes.

I was cutting and gluing when L was napping/sleeping roughly for a week which felt like forever! From excited and motivated self I finished the book feeling relived, knowing that I won't be able to repeat it ever again!

I have glued all the small bits so that L won't lose them and the rest left loose for L to attached direct to the felt (felt to felt) or onto Velcro (felt to Velcro). 

To bind the book I have used double sided eyelets, threaded the ribbon through and tied it at the back.

Tip 1: Use a pen to draw a 'sketch' on a felt

Tip 2: If you decide to make your your no sew Quiet book, don't waste your time on printing templates. Find a relevant page you want to copy. I.e. Google 'stacking rings Quiet book', open a picture on your laptop and put a felt sheet over the image and follow the lines with the pen, quick and easy!

Tip 3: Pick simple designs as it is easier to draw by just looking at the image on the screen.

Tip 4: use PVA glue instead of hot glue gun as it can burn your fingers and leave marks on the surface when used for small felt pieces.

Tip 5: Don't over do it with fancy stuff as the smaller the child the greater the chance that they can try to reap it apart.

Tip 6: Have a separate small bag for all the detachable pieces.

Overall time spent on making Quiet book- 1 week
Overall money spent on making Quiet book: £13.86

- 42 coloured felt sheets (30cm x 20cm) £8.16
- glue gun £3.65
- eyelet and pliers £2.05

And here is my creation:
All pieces are detachable and either can be attached felt to felt or felt to Velcro strip.

Quiet book can make a great toy if supervised by an adult and can make a great keepsake.

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  1. What a beautiful job, well done!
    I made 2 different ones for my daughters with my sewing machine and to be honest, the amount of effort/time vs the output i.e. actually having my girls sit and play quietly with it is laughable. 😳
    I guess it is a project and labour of love and not for everyone to make. When my girls are mums themselves, they will hopefully look back fondly at the things i made for them.