Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Pumpkin themed messy play

After picking our own pumpkin we had few small ones left , as I didn't want them to go to waste and wanted L to explore something new I started searching the Pinterest for messy play ideas or things to do with pumpkin. 
I have found mess free play with pumpkin seeds idea which I was eager to try.
I have prepared a cloth mat, a pumpkin, a carving knife, a pan and a carving scoop and tissues.
I used a carving knife to cut the top for an easy access inside the pumpkin. I let L play with slimy seeds, to scoop them out or put them in a pan.
As L likes to play with mud when in the garden principal of scooping pumpkin seeds was familiar to her. We spent possibly good 20 minutes playing until L decided that she wants to cover me in seeds.
Later in the day once eaten and cleaned I decided to try Pinterest messy free pumpkin baby play. I have found a zip lock bag, I put slimy seeds in and locked the bag. The idea is that it keep babies clean and allows to play with seeds, feel different textures and explore something new. L didn't find this idea exciting and maybe stepped on the bag couple of times and grabbed it few times and then it ended up in the pile of toys. Which made me think that maybe not everything we see on Pinterest works?! Would you agree?

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