Wednesday, 18 November 2015

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the 2015 with Webbs of Wychbold

Yesterday we were celebrating our 3rd wedding anniversary at Webbs of Wychbold- one of the best garden centres in the UK.

"Wonderfully situated in the centre of England, Webbs is a family business committed to providing the very best for your garden and home. We have everything for the dedicated and occasional gardener alike, as well as providing great places to visit for non gardeners".

We have been invited to Webbs last year as well but it was completely different experience. This year L is more independent and interested in discovering new things and I was hoping that we all can enjoy ice skating and visiting Santa is his Grotto.

"The Real Ice Rink at Webbs Garden Centre in Wychbold is the perfect place for festive fun in the run up to Christmas. Little ones can also visit Santa in his Grotto, and luckily for Midlands residents, a trip to the North Pole won’t be necessary as the big man in the red suit has set up a temporary home at Webbs Garden Centre in Wychbold, Worcestershire".

In the morning we have exchanged anniversary gifts and off we went to the Webbs Garden Centre, which is just 20-25 minutes away.
I was very excited to try ice skating as I have never done this before, thankfully other mums and dads didn't mind me "sliding" on my skates whilst holding onto the border. 
Things to remember: the skating session lasts 45 minutes, skate hire is included in the price. The price vary depending on a day and time, see here. Child skating support/skate aid-banana and penguin can be hired as well as far as I remember it's £5 each.

I was expecting to fall few times but once I started skating around it's perimeter I could see an improvement. My personal recommendation would be to use banana skating aid with your little one as a support. It really helps you to feel more comfortable on ice.

We were skating a little bit less than others as I could see L had enough, but to prolong our ice experience L 'played' with penguin aids a little bit and enjoyed having all these space to herself in changing/toilet section.
Next we went to Webbs Christmas section, where L enjoyed messing around under dancing LED lights. It was the most popular section for toddlers as it reminded them of something you would see at sensory classes. We loved Christmas fireplace, sleigh and different Christmas trees from traditional to fiber optic ones. 
The additional mention to beautiful winter and wild forest ornaments, they absolutely blew us away! I loved baby seals, penguins, rabbits, ducks (my husband's favourite), Bambi! Before leaving Webbs we returned to the section as I wanted to buy baby seal but I as I couldn't decide which one I like (yes, they differ by size and posture) we left empty- handed but I really regret not buying anything!


Once finished with window shopping we went to meet Santa, please find booking information and prices here. The walk to the Grotto filled with different freestanding and moving winter creatures and hard working elves was something special! L liked moving husky/wolf and of course mini-sleigh with 2 dog teddies!
Once we were at the doors to Santa's Grotto we were met by a friendly elf girl who showed us the way to Santa and was very friendly and helpful. L didn't want to sit on Santa's lap but didn't mind him once I perched on the armchair. We had a lovely conversation about Santa's reindeers, our Christmas gift wish list, about Christmas Eve treats for Santa and Rudolph and of course have taken few pictures. 
Like last year elf had jingle bells attached to her sleeves which helped to bring L's attention to the camera. Once we said our goodbyes we walked into a warehouse room filled with gifts. It was so tough to pick one present. L grabbed sorting shapes toy first, then a clown toy, then a ball and in the end we opted for toy cars, yes not only boys play with them!
And that's not all, at the till we were greeted by a different elf girl who offered us to look at the pictures which we could have in a globe,bauble and a block filled with snow and snowflakes! Webbs are spoiling their visitor with choice this year!
Before leaving Webbs we popped in to the cafe to enjoy hot chocolate drinks and delicious muffins whilst L was enjoying the look of massive bauble on the ceiling and colourful Christmas trees and wreaths.

It was a truly magical experience which only gets better and better each year!

Disclaimer: I was offered to visit Webbs of Wychbol for the purpose of this review. All thought and opinions are my own.


  1. Beautiful photo of your little one with Santa! We were there too. Absolutely loved it. It's rapidly becoming one of our Christmas family traditions. It made me feel so festive, such a great day out.xx

  2. One word, WOW! love the Penguins, so cute.

  3. It looks really nice there especially the walk to the grotto