Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Little L is 16 months

L is changing so much, and it is getting more and more interesting with her. As it's autumn- a time of colourful leaves and pumpkins, I thought it would be great to introduce different colours and shapes by showing L different leaves and maybe playing with them a little. 

I'm trying to do different activities with L at home and when out- messy play, colouring, playing with kitchen pans, going for walks as I believe it keeps us busy as most of the groups are at times when L is sleeping plus it helps with her development.

L started to repeat words and sounds we say, points at things she recognises or wants to know what the are, takes my hand and points at things she want me to say for her. She likes to play with different balls and makes a funny meow like noise when playing or when sees cats (she likes cats a lot). When hears or sees dogs she tries to say "wuf-wuf", but it comes out as "f-f", which is very cute!

This month I was trying to give L more food, but she is not a great eater so that was touch. She has milk when wakes up, a little bit of banana and crumpet once we are downstairs and porridge and hour later; once she wakes up from her nap she has milk and soup, and in the evening she will have meat or fish with rice/spaghetti/cous cous and a little bit of cucumber, but most of the food will be on the floor. I would love her to put more weight but I don't want to force the wood to the point when she doesn't want it as it makes her cry. For the last couple of days she is off her rice and seem to eat less during dinner, I think teething affecting her eating habits.

What's your little one up to this month?

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