Monday, 28 September 2015

Review: My Baby's Name Is sleeping bag

Have you ever seen a cool, bright and trendy sleeping bag? If you haven't, may I introduce you to My baby's name is. I have never seen a bright coloured sleeping bag until I came across this brand.
"My Baby's Name Is was created in 2014 in London, UKby designer Szymon Klos, with the loving support of his wife Halina
& inspired by their daughter Matylda...
Our sleeping bags combine a considered design approach 
with environmental material sourcing & manufacturing quality".

You can pick from a variety of sizes (0-6, 6-18, 18-36 months), colours (blue, green, grey, orange, yellow) and tog (2.5 and 1 tog) at the reduced price of £25.

As it's design is so bright and enticing to play than to sleep I wondered would it keep L awake?! But to my surprise L wasn't really bothered about it's brightness maybe when I opened the cute white box for the very first time.

I must admit I have mixed feelings about My baby's name sleeping bag.  Let's start with positives:
- made of soft 100% cotton with the added design feature- stitched-through
- you can personalise your sleeping bag by adding your baby's name on the name tag sewed inside the bag (useful if baby sleeps at the nursery) 
- double fasteners on shoulder straps
zipped sides which "starts" at the bottom (the zip itself has zip guard at the top)
- I have opted for 2.5 tog and L was safe and very warm in her sleeping bag

- the outer material looks like an outdoor jacket and feels a little bit annoying when I stroke L before she falls asleep. I can be stroking her for up to 30 minutes and when I used it for the very first time it felt weird, "loud" and left a burning sensation on my palm.
- I have picked 6-18 months sleeping bag but it seems that at only 14 months L is a little big for the sleeping bag. Upon checking other sleeping bags it seems to be a common problem
- the tag inside the sleeping bag is too close to feet, so when L feels it she instantly wants to mess with it. Luckily My Baby's Name Is invented a perforated line along the tag so it makes it easier to remove the tag.

Overall, it's a functional sleeping bag with a unique design and if my negative points don't put you off go for it!

Disclaimer: I was sent the above item for the purpose of this review. All thought and opinions are my own.


  1. My husband and I were just talking about these things. We used sleepers like these for both of our kids. They were awesome and brought peace of mind for us.

  2. We have one of these and it's my current favourite - I actually really like the outer material! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  3. What a gorgeous colour! I don't envy you stroking your baby to sleep!!
    Thanks for sharing your post on #TriedTested this week x